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Public Speaking Coaching / Presentation Coaching

Public Speaking Coaching / Presentation Coaching

#1 Fear in North America

Most North Americans fear Public Speaking more than they fear DEATH!

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Public Speaking Coaching / Presentation Coaching

Presentations are not only necessary in today's business environment, they are very important. If your customer expects a solid presentation as a prediction of the kind of supplier you are, then a great presentation will be most effective. In addition, great presentations are very cost effective as well - you can make a Sales call to many instead of one-at-a-time. You can also rerun the recorded presentation many times.

Curtain rises on the Audience

The Nature of Your Presentation?

The Setting?

Your Qualifications?

Your Requirements?

Let's Go Get Ready!

Ron De Ré

Ron De Ré

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The Value of Recordings

Having a recording is extremely valuable! It allows for pure listening without regard for participating in the conversation. It allows you to hear what you said, in your own voice. Participants often comment on the value of hearing their own voice - content, tone, emotions, conviction, hesitation, etc.

All sessions are recorded and the MP3 recording file is posted to a “confidential” web page. Recordings can be replayed on the web page or downloaded for playback on an MP3 player, smartphone or computer. In addition to the unedited track for the entire session, we also provide a separate audio track for each section of each teleconference session which allows for more efficient and effective review during the workshop and later on after it ends.

Presentation Development & Coaching

We can help with the development of the presentation from start to finish. We can help to coach you or your chosen presenter to maximize the impact of the show. Or, we can present for you and allow you to interject yourself at the key moments for a more dramatic effect.