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Business Empowerment Courses

Business Empowerment Courses - Overview

Business Basics (100 Series)

No travel costs!

Series Description

Behind every business there is the entrepreneurial spirit to get it going and to nurture its growth and development for the well-being of clients and the business owners. The Business Empowerment Series has been designed to empower business owner/managers to build the business they envision.

Like a garden, every business needs constant nurturing for growth and development. As a result, Business Basics are delivered by weekly teleconference, enhanced by independent study. This allows you to remain at your home base, maintain a full weekly schedule of clients and avoid the costs of travel, hotel and meals while on course.

The 4 Courses

Course 101 - "Passion & Purpose"

Is your business everything that you want it to be? Are you living your dream? Is your business your passion? Is your business "on purpose"? Are you clear about when you run your business and when it runs you?

Course 102 - "Business Strategy"

Do your customers know what business you are in? Do you know which target markets are best for your business? Can you clearly identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? What's your business strategy?

Course 103 - "Marketing"

Are your marketing strategies congruent with your passion and your business strategy? Are you clear about how to move your prospective customers through awareness, interest, desire, trial and repeat? Can you implement "The 4 Ps"?

Course 104 - "Sales & Service"

Does your selling effort produce the results your business needs? Are you selling "on message"? Do you qualify your prospects? Can you track your prospects from first inquiry through to repeat sessions? Do you have a Customer Referral program?