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"How To" Coaching Workshop

"How To" Coaching Workshop

10 Weekly Teleconferences - 90 Minutes Each


This 10-week workshop is not intended to make you into a coaching professional. This "How To" Coaching Workshop is intended to introduce you to the use of coaching techniques (15+) and the benefits a coaching mindset in your approach to day-to-day communications with family, friends, co-workers, etc. You will learn to actually use these specific coaching techniques through assignments, group discussion, listening others participating in their Role Plays and directly participating in 12 Role Plays of your own - 6 as a Coach and 6 as a Client.


  1. Get Clear on Your Values! (A simple but profound exercise to determine what is truly important to you).
  2. Clarifying your "Why". (A necessary prerequisite for any applied learning experience).
  3. What are are you Enduring or "Putting Up With"? (A process that you can use repeatedly in your life).
  4. Where are you going? How are you going about getting there? (Does your approach match your intentions?).
  5. "Live" Role Play on specific skill sets
  6. "Live" Role Play on specific skill sets
  7. "Live" Role Play on specific skill sets
  8. "Live" Role Play on specific skill sets
  9. "Live" Role Play on specific skill sets
  10. Special "Live" Role Play using all of the skills as appropriate

Tuition is ONLY $299!

$299 per person covers the cost of all assignment materials PLUS ten (10) weekly teleconference class sessions of 90 minutes each hosted by 2 facilitators. The Fees do not include the cost of long distance charges associated with calling in to the teleconference sessions.

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A Note on Best Listening Location

All sessions are conducted on the phone (from the comfort of your home or office) allowing each Participant to choose the best available listening location. Listening is a vital component of good coaching. Participants often comment on the value of being able to listen to themselves and others during the various components of this workshop without the distraction of video or being there in person. We recommend calling in to each session from a location where you will be free from noise and other distractions.

A Note on the Value of Recordings

Having a recording is extremely valuable! It allows for pure listening without regard for participating in the conversation. It allows you to hear what you said, in your own voice. Participants often comment on the value of hearing their own voice - content, tone, emotions, conviction, hesitation, etc.

All sessions are recorded and the MP3 recording file is posted to a “confidential” web page. Recordings can be replayed on the web page or downloaded for playback on an MP3 player, smartphone or computer. In addition to the unedited track for the entire session, we also provide a separate audio track for each section of each teleconference session which allows for more efficient and effective review during the workshop and later on after it ends.

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Want More Information?

Our facilitators are also available for additional help, more in-depth coaching, or private tutoring on these workshop topics and/or related personal, professional and public speaking (presentation) topics, including business empowerment.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us about these additional services. We will be happy to clarify which services are included in this Coaching Workshop. Our rate for One on One coaching is $50 for 30 minutes.

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