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Group Coaching

Group Coaching

For Business & Professional Coaching

Coaching is becoming more accepted every day in today's multi-dimensional workplace. The benefits of coaching go back to the essential reasons for the creation of Silver Lining. It is to help you maximize your strengths and manage your weaknesses - as an individual and/or as a business.

For Coaching Instruction

We can also train you, or select people of your choosing, to become a coach. We not only have a Certified Coach Instructor in Ron De Re. We also have access to a wide variety of coaching instructors for various more specific applications.

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For Presentation Development & Coaching

We can help with the development of the presentation from start to finish. We can help to coach you or your chosen presenter to maximize the impact of the show. Or, we can present for you and allow you to interject yourself at the key moments for a more dramatic effect.

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