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About Us

Since 1993

We are now in our 26th year! "Silver Lining" (Coaching & Consulting) is the latest name for "Renaissance" (Management & Organizational Development Consulting) founded in February 1993. The name was changed to "Silver Lining" in February 2004.

About - Ron De Ré

Ron De Ré was one of the original 4 Founders. In August 1995, Mr. De Ré took over as Sole Proprietor.

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Results-based > Your "Most Trusted Advisor"

At Silver Lining, our primary interest is your long-term success and well-being. As a result, we treat every assignment as an opportunity to earn our way to becoming your "Most Trusted Advisor". Keeping an eye on the absolutely best results for you and your organization is the focus that penetrates all of our work.

Solution-centered > Your " Best Solution"

Although Silver Lining has a wide variety of services to offer, and associates to draw from, we can't do everything and we won't attempt to do anything we can't do very well! So, if your unique requirement represents a need that is better "handed off" to a more qualified advisor, then that is what we will recommend that you do. We can also manage that subcontract for you in order to maintain responsibility and accountability for best results.

The "Management Consultant" or "Business Consultant" Label

Most of our services have a more universal application than solely for management and/or business challenges. However, at this time, the majority of our clients are businesses - entrepreneurs, owners and managers. The more universal view would be that all of us as humans are responsible for managing something in our busy lives.