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These testimonials were called in to our Comment line.

Business Coaching

Dianne P. - Oshawa ON

The complete commentary is 56 seconds.

"... I am a professional clown. I have been for about 25 years. I met Ron De Ré just recently and I was really impressed with his humour. He has a wonderful upbeat fabulous sense of humour, which obviously I relate to being a clown. He had me thinking in a totally different light. So, while we did some dynamic coaching, he helped me look at my business in a whole different way. He gave me numerous directions that my business could grow in, which I had not even considered. It was wonderful to get an outside opinion, to give new insight into my life and my career. So, Ron thank you with lots of laughter. I so appreciate the coaching you've helped me with. Take care! Have a great day!"

Life Coaching

Patti R. - Pickering ON

The complete commentary is 22 seconds.

"... Ron has been a very good Life Coach for the past 2 years. He's a straight shooter that can help you get to the heart of what's really important in your life. And, what it will take for you to get it. He has been a positive force in my life, helping me to organize, evaluate and realize my potential. With his guidance, I have begun to achieve my goals. Thank You Ron De Ré!"

Coaching Workshop

Carl T. - Vermont

The complete commentary is 2 minutes, 22 seconds.

" This stuff works, Donna and Ron, and if I had my druthers, I'd just want to continue really learning about the coaching practice. Since I've got a Masters in Counseling, I think I know something about reflecting back feelings but really staying and walking with the client and then kind of walking maybe a little bit in the direction that you think that they need to go in to really get clear. And, staying out of the way … They (the clients) decide what their goal is … I'm getting all that now from the class … Thanks for all that you're doing! … This stuff works! I'm seeing good results! … Keep it up! "

Velvete W. - Texas

The complete commentary is 1 minute, 11 seconds.

"There was no way to know just how valuable this class would be … The importance of a powerful Mission Statement and Code of Ethics is professionally enriched by this class. I truly feel that … (what) … I was able to write, by following the guidelines and listening to the participants in the class, have made me a stronger practitioner.

Donna and Ron you're extremely patient when it comes to an individual's learning process. You use light and sometimes comical teaching tools to drive home the importance of our field. This is an excellent class that allows everyone to enrich their biofeedback practices. I truly have walked away with an enrichment in my own practice … And, I thank you guys very much in presenting it and the way that you do present it. Thanks a lot!""

Sue P. - New York

The complete commentary is 1 minute, 40 seconds.

"… I really didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. I want thank you both for the excellent job you did in facilitating … You were both very patient with us and very thorough in presenting the material and you made the lessons understandable and fun to learn and participate in ...

I learned how a simple word can carry a lot of importance and a greater meaning than what appears to be on the surface. You both were excellent in directing the role playing … considering you were dealing with more than a dozen personalities with varied backgrounds. You did a great job!

The greatest challenge for me was not being able to see the other participants as I rely on body language a great deal in my sessions. My lesson here was to listen on different levels to my clients . Your dedication and your sense of humour made the course a rewarding experience for me. Thank you both for the efforts in making this a valuable educational experience, not only for me, but for everyone there. Thanks Again!"

Passion & Purpose Workshop

Laura S. - Iowa

The complete commentary is 19 seconds.

" 'Passion & Purpose' has helped me to identify and separate the business from myself so that I can focus on what I choose to create. Ron and Donna are very knowledgeable. I've been able to determine where I am as a practitioner and where I want the business to be."

Carl T. - Vermont

The complete commentary is 1 minute and 16 seconds.

"I've really enjoyed 'Passion & Purpose'. I'm looking at my business now from the inside, from my internal gyroscope and a spiritually oriented perspective, that eventually is going to get translated into the business plan. But the hard thing for me is to stay with, on the inside first, and to rekindle and rethink my feelings as to why I went into business to start with. It's helped me really clarify those key factors that will eventually get translated into activities. I'm continually breaking out of my old my old boxes and breaking through my barriers to getting to know myself. And, I really like what we're doing in the class in that we're moving beyond 'The Secret' to living your life with passion as well as living your business with passion.

So, I really recommend this course! It's the 2nd course I've taken (with Donna & Ron). I took the 10-week coaching class. Donna and Ron are way beyond the slick coaches that many people out there are. They're really spiritually-oriented people who help you in a personalized way to move forward.

So, I really encourage you to take this class! … I'm loving it!"